Backyard Hens SOLD

hensUPDATE: All hens are sold. Please stay tuned for next winter’s flock!

February 2012:

We’re retiring our older flock of laying hens, as the new girls are coming of age. The hens for sale are 18 months old, and still produce plenty of eggs for a family. (Chickens lay eggs for 3 to 4 years, but their production drops after one year. It is not economically viable for working farms to keep hens for more than one year, but they are still great backyard birds!).

We have brown egg layers, including Rhode Island Reds, Black Sexlinks, & Red Sexlinks. They are $20 each, or $15 each if you buy 3 or more.  These happy, healthy girls are going quickly, and are only available for a limited time.

Please contact us at or 831-566-0472 to purchase your new hens today!

About Everett Family Farm

Everett Family Farm is a family owned farm near Santa Cruz, CA that specializes in growing and selling only the best in local, organic produce, free-range pastured eggs, unique flowers, heirloom apples, & persimmons. Our row crops produce a diverse abundance of vegetables, fruits and berries.

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