About Us

Everett Family Farm is a 45 acre organic farm in Soquel, CA specializing in pasture-raised eggs, persimmons, apples and apple juice, top quality berries, flowers, and veggies of all kinds.

The Everett Family

The Everett Family

Meet the Farmers 

Rich and Laura Everett own the land and manage the fruit tree orchards and laying hen operation. The Everetts provide a new farmer “incubator” program by allowing young farmers  to grow on their land. Read more below…

Farm co-managers Zoe Hitchner, David Evershed, and Sky DeMuro.

Sky DeMuro, David Evershed, and Zoe Hitchner manage the crop production at the farm. All three graduated from the Apprenticeship in Ecological Horticulture program at the University of California, Santa Cruz. They love growing the highest quality fruits, flowers, and vegetables for their local community.

Carra Duggan grows flowers at Everett farm and makes gorgeous bouquets for market and events. Contact us for information on event flowers and vegetables.

Flower Grower Carra Dugan.

The Future of Organic Farming

Photo of Rich Everett“The economic viability of organic farming just keeps getting better and better.”

– Rich Everett-

Everett Family Farm specializes in growing and selling high-quality organic produce, free-range pastured eggs, flowers, apples, and persimmons. Rich Everett started farming organically after 25 years with West Marine, Inc. in Santa Cruz, CA. His wife, Laura May Everett, grew up in the Napa Valley, where her family grew organic grapes for local wineries.

Rich and Laura started looking for land in the Santa Cruz area and discovered the 125 year-old Leporini farm for sale. They began small, with 5 acres, and have since grown. In addition to tending the crops, orchards, and livestock, they use their farm as a teaching tool. From the beginning, their vision was to give young farmers an opportunity to learn the trade without the huge costs or risks of starting a farm.

They hire on-farm managers, generally graduates of the UCSC Farm Program, who typically stay for 2 years to gain the necessary experience and hopefully financial assistance to go on to start their own organic farms. During this time, land, farm equipment, and facilities are provided for hands-on training. Eight of their former farm managers have gone on to start their own organic farms or work in the organic industry. The farm managers handle all of the row crops, while Laura and Rich tend the animals and orchards.

Rich and Laura have also worked with local high school students on their farm,  they conduct a variety of community based fundraisers, and run a summer day camp providing young kids a chance to learn about organic farming, goats, and processing apple cider. On top of providing delicious, healthy organic food to their local community, the Everetts provide the next generation of organic farmers a valuable opportunity to learn, hands-on, the joy of organic farming.

– See more at: http://ofrf.org/news/future-organic-farming#sthash.W2HBPXp6.dpuf

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