Everett Family Farm CSA:  Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CSA?
Community Supported Agriculture is a collaboration between farmers and their customers. The CSA model creates a direct and mutually beneficial relationship between farm and consumer, where both share in the bounty and the risks of farming. CSA members make a commitment to support the farm throughout the season by purchasing farm shares in advance of the growing season. Members know exactly where their food comes from and receive fresh, organic produce weekly throughout the season. The farm enjoys direct, local sales of its fresh produce, gets upfront capital to cover initial costs like seeds and supplies.

Are the vegetables and berries organic?
Yes! Our vegetables and fruits are certified organic through CCOF.


Happy hens in our pasture.

Are the eggs organic?
No, but unlike most “free-range” eggs, our happy hens are actually running around on grass. Our hens are raised on pasture in our fields and orchards, making the eggs extra-healthy with Omega-3s. Our eggs are not certified organic due to the high cost of organic grain, but we feed them “all-natural” grain.

How much does it cost?
A CSA share is $600 for 24 weeks. A flower share is an additional $140 (1 medium-large bouquet of flowers/20 weeks). Fruit Shares are an additional $100 ($10 of extra apples, strawberries and raspberries for 10 weeks). Payment plans are available. Pay in 3 installments: $1/3 today, and 2 post-dated checks for the remainder dated 5/1/13 & 7/1/13 which we will deposit later. Email us at EverettFarmCSA@gmail.com with questions or to work out another plan that works for you.

Where do I pick up my share?
We offer 2 pick up locations: At Everett Family Farm’s farmstand at 2111 Old San Jose Rd in Soquel on Tuesdays or Saturdays, and on the Westside of Santa Cruz on Tuesday afternoons. As the first harvest approaches, you will receive notice of the first pick-up date. Members bring their own bags to pick up their shares.

What if I can’t pick up my share one week?
We suggest you invite a friend or neighbor to pick up your share for you.  If you miss your pick up at the farmstand, you can come on another day instead, however not all items will be guaranteed to still be available.

How many people does one share feed? Do you offer half shares?
Our shares are designed to feed 2-4 people, depending on your eating habits. Shares might not meet all of your vegetable needs, but will give you a bounty of fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits. You might have to supplement your CSA share by buying vegetables at your local farmers market or store, depending on your eating preferences. We do not offer half shares, but we encourage you to split a share with a friend or neighbor.

What kind of produce can I expect to receive in my share?
We grow a wide and beautiful variety of crops at Everett Farm. Crops will vary from week to week, but here are examples:

  • Spring: lettuce, salad mix, spinach, beets, radishes, rainbow chard, kale, broccoli, spring onions, strawberries
  • Summer:  lettuce, salad mix, arugula, sweet corn, tomatoes, padron peppers, cucumbers,  summer squash, onions, cilantro, raspberries, strawberries
  • Fall: cauliflower, sweet peppers, potatoes, winter squash, kale, chard, leeks, apples, strawberries, garlic.

What if I don’t like something offered in my share? 

While we do design the shares and harvest enough for members based on what is available in the fields, we understand that we can’t always anticipate everyone’s preferences.  You are welcome to swap out an item for something else of equal or lesser value, within reason. For instance, if you don’t want lettuce, you could choose extra summer squash, or vice versa. We do encourage you to try new and unfamiliar vegetables to expand your culinary horizons!

Do I need to bring my own bags?
Yes, we ask our members to bring their own bags and containers to collect their shares each week.

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