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Thank you for joining our farm!  Please print this page by choosing File > Print on your computer or email us at EverettFarmCSA@gmail.com to get a form emailed to you. Complete the form and drop with your check(s) in the BLACK CASH BOX at our Farmstand at 2111 Old San Jose Rd in Soquel or mail to: Everett Family Farm, PO Box 308, Soquel, CA 95073. 

Purchase of CSA shares are limited, and 1st come 1st served.

Thank you!


  • Tuesdays on the farm, at our farm stand, 2111 Old San Jose Rd in Soquel, noon-6 pm.
  • Tuesdays on the Westside of Santa Cruz, 214 Jeter St (Near Kelly’s Bakery) 3 – 7 pm.
  • Saturdays on the farm, 9 am – 6 pm.

**Whichever location you choose will be your location for the whole season.

Pick-ups run for 24 weeks beginning in mid-May (weather dependent). We will email you in early May to confirm the 1st pickup date.

COST: ($600) – CSA Share Members enjoy 24 weeks of delicious, freshly harvested fruits and vegetables.


Egg Share: ($192) – Enjoy a dozen of our fresh eggs each week. While not certified organic due to high feed cost, our happy hens are raised on pasture in our orchards and are fed all-natural grain.  *Egg shares are limited, and are 1st come-1st served.

Flower Share ($140)  – CSA share members can choose to add on a Flower Share option, and pick out a bouquet of fresh, seasonal flowers for 20 weeks.

Fruit Share ($100)–  For 10 weeks in mid-summer and fall, enjoy extra fruit in your share, such as apples, strawberries and raspberries. All CSA members will receive some fruit, but Fruit Share Members will enjoy an extra helping.


  • One payment in full now.
  • Three payments – One check dated today and two postdated checks dated May 1 and July 1, 2013, for the remainder, in three equal portions.  We will deposit the remaining two checks later.

Please contact us with any questions about payment plans at EverettFarmCSA@gmail.com. 


Name(s): _____________________________________________________

Address:  _____________________________________________________

Cell & Home Phones: ____________________________________________

E-mail(s):    ___________________________________________________

*Please write or type your e-mail contact(s) legibly to ensure you receive our e-mails. If you are splitting a share with another person, please include their e-mail contact(s) also. Thank you.

CSA PROGRAMS: (Please check all that apply.)

□ CSA Share ($600)       □ Egg Share ($192)      □ Flower Share ($140)     □ Fruit Share ($100)

TOTAL DUE: Add up all checked options.  $ _____________

PAYMENT:  (Check one)

□ One payment (check enclosed)

□ Three payments ($1/3 now, 2 post-dated checks for the remainder, 5/1/13 & 7/1/13.)

Please make checks payable to “Everett Family Farm” and drop in the black cash box in our farmstand or mail to the address above, along with this form.

PICK-UP:  (Check one)

□ Tuesday Farm Pick-up, 12-6

□ Saturday Farm Pick-up, 9-6

□ Tuesday Westside Santa Cruz Pick-up 3-7        

2013 Everett Family Farm CSA Membership Agreement

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is about trust and community accountability. Everett Family Farm is committed to doing everything reasonable and possible to provide its members with the highest quality organically grown produce fresh from harvest on a weekly basis for the duration of the 22-week harvest season. Unforeseen and uncontrollable events can and may affect the quantity and quality of the harvest share on any given week.

In becoming a member of the Everett Family Farm CSA, I understand the following:

  • I am making a financial commitment for the 2012 farm season. As a shareholder, I understand that my share payment is non-refundable.
  • I recognize that due to the inherent risks of farming, there are no guarantees on the exact amount of produce that I will receive.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to pick up my share in the designated location on the pickup day. If I am unable to pick up my share, I understand that the farm will donate or use the share as they see fit. I am responsible for making arrangements for my share to be picked up when I am out of town.
  • I have read the CSA policies and FAQs.
  • I understand and accept this commitment and assume responsibility to contact the farmers if I have any questions or concerns.

Signature______________________________ Date _______________

Additional Information

How did you hear about the Everett Family Farm CSA?

Is there anything additional you would like us to know about you?

Thank you! We look forward to working with you next season!


Office Use Only:  Payment _________________     Date received: ___________


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