Farming is a profession of hope.
— Brian Brett

When the Everetts started farming, they had a vision to not only "grow" the best produce possible but also to "grow" new farmers; understanding that the planet desperately needs young farmers to replace the aging population of todays farmers. Everett Family Farm has been a place for young farmers to get their hands dirty as they learn and grow their craft. EFF allows the farmers the advantage of managing a farm without the financial risk or capital investment. Hopefully learning from their mistakes before starting their own farms. It's a two way street because EFF has benefitted from each and every one of these dedicated farmers. In fact the farmers have nicknamed EFF, "the great incubator farm." The proof is in their hard work, as many of the past farmers are actively involved in farming one way or another; which in turn is good for all of us! Most of the farmers who have farmed at Everett Family Farm graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz's Ecological Horticulture program at the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS). 

The first farmers at EFF were Andrew and Victoria (CASFS '02) Marshall. Andrew is the Education and Field Director at Land for Good. Victoria runs their beautiful farm - Dorolenna - and wrangles their two sons in rural Maine.

Jasmine Roohani (CASFS '02) and Kirsten Roehler (CASFS '02) farmed for two years. They established Everett Family Farm at the local farmers' markets. Jasmine now helps run Route 1 Farms and raises her daughter in Santa Cruz. Kirsten is a book/goat keeper and a graduate student who refuses to leave the farm.

Jasmine farmed another year with Mike Irving (CASFS '02) and he in turn farmed a year with his now wife Teresa Kurtak (CASFS '04). Mike and Teresa started our pasture chicken program. They now run Fifth Crow Farm in Pescadero with their two young children.

Leon Vahaba (CASFS '07) farmed for three years, started a CSA program on the farm, and even got married on the farm. Leon really broadened the scope and scale of the vegetable crops. He now runs Poughkeepsie Farm Project in New York.

David Evershed (CASFS '08)  farmed solo for a year and was then joined by Sky DeMuro (CASFS '10) and Zoe Hitchner (CASFS '10). This trio held down the farm for two years. David is now farming in Petaluma, Sky works at CASFS and is raising her daughter, and Zoe is growing flowers at Front Porch Farm in Healdsburg.

Emily Parsons (CASFS '11) helped David, Sky, and Zoe farm, and then she took the wheel. She's been the farm manager for the past five years, and is rocking it! In 2014 Emily farmed with her brother Ben, Mike Proia and Katie Turner. Mike & Katie are running Blank Page Cafe in Vermont. Brianna Fiene joined Emily and Ben in 2015. Colin Hanowell (CASFS ‘13) also joined the team in 2015 and he and Emily have been holding down the farm ever since; they even decided to get hitched! They are doing amazingly hard work and growing beautiful produce, for which we and our community thank them.